Maureen Baeck-The Travel BlondeHi there! I am Maureen (sometimes called Moeesha) and I love to travel! I start planning the next adventure pretty much as soon as I get home from the last one.    When I am not traveling I am researching destinations and ways to make my travel experiences fabulous. This blog will cover all the stories, reviews and tips that will make your next adventure one you will never forget.

Before we get started here are some things you should know about me:

  1. I have been an internet professional since 1995 way back in the days of 50% gray backgrounds with black text.
  2. One of my favorite vacations is cruising and I have been on fifteen cruises so far. Expect a lot of tips and reviews on cruising.
  3. While I love to travel all over the world, there is nothing like a trip to a local destination or event to spice up my week.
  4. I was senior prom queen (don’t judge). What does that have to do with travel? Not a thing, I just thought I would throw that in there.
  5. I take a lot of pictures and my husband is the video guy so brace yourself, there will be lots of photos and video.
  6. I’m the Social Content Manager for the IBM Cognitive Business team. I LOVE technology and where it’s going and you should expect posts about the latest and greatest innovations in artificial intelligence and how it will affect your travels.
  7. My bucket list is really long so occasionally I will wax poetic about somewhere I want to go. I am also going to post a “Bucket List Alert” if I have crossed a destination (or experience) off the list.
  8. We are techno-nerds at my house so look for tips on the latest toy or app to make your travels more fun!

I am interested in having a dialogue with you so feel free to comment and ask questions!