Use the Tripit App for travel planning!One of my super powers is trip planning. I go into this mode where I manage everything to the n’th degree. In the past, I would plan my trip, print everything out and create my travel binder. Yes, I had a binder with everything from boarding passes to road maps. If I had ever lost that binder, I would have been totally screwed. I clutched that binder like it was the one of my children. No one messed with my binder. If they did they would have incurred my wrath. My family depended on me to keep their trip organized and the binder was their key to happiness on their vacation. As they say “If mama aint happy, no one is happy!”

Here are three reasons why the Tripit app ROCKS my world!

Tripit-logoImagine my joy when I found the Tripit (part of Concur) app!! OMG, I had achieved travel Nirvana and what made me even more happy – no more binder was needed. All our plans are online and I can access them from any device. Everything is at my fingertips and setting everything up is super easy!

1. Setting up your trip plans is a snap.

All you need to do is make your reservations (airline, hotel, parking, car rental, restaurant) and when you receive your confirmation via email, all you need to do is forward the confirmation email to It’s that easy! Tripit will add your plans to your itinerary and you will see it almost immediately. This appeals to my love of instant gratification by the way! Your dashboard for your trip will look somewhat like this:Tripit-itinerary


2. Once your plans are in place, you can access them from all of your devices.

Here’s what is so cool about this app – everything, and I mean everything, will be on your itinerary. You will be able to access confirmation codes, maps to your location, and when available you will see what gate your flight will depart from. The app updates that automatically. I could now chuck my binder in the trash and have everything I need for my trip available, anytime, any where.

3. Tripit Pro will send you lots of alerts!


In order to get alerts, track seating and stuff like that you will need to upgrade to a Tripit Pro subscription which is $49.00 a year. If you travel a lot, it’s worth the extra money, trust me!

Tripit Pro is with you at all times before, during and after your trip. They will send you email and text alerts telling you about delays, gate assignments and they will even tell you when the plane is at the gate! This has come in handy for me so many times. There’s nothing like busting your ass to get to the airport only to find out that the flight was delayed or cancelled.

Tripit helps me achieve travel zen by keeping me organized and having all my travel plans in one place. They will also make sure you know if there are any changes in your itinerary as soon as they know. This app has made travel for me so much easier and my luggage lighter with out having to lug around that big binder!

Full disclosure: I was not compensated or even asked to write this review by Concur. I did it because I freaking love this app!

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Maureen Baeck
Maureen Baeck, AKA The Travel Blonde, has a passion for travel. Ever since she was a small child she has been on-the-go traveling across the United States and internationally. Maureen lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids, two Standard Poodles and a Sheltie.

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