Walking The City of Chocolate Tour in Barcelona

When I think Barcelona, I think about tapas, paella, or churros, and I want to try it all. When Context Travel extended an invitation to take their City of Chocolate tour I thought, “Chocolate is Switzerland, Belgium or France. Barcelona?” But since it was... read more

What to Do in Dublin on a 10 Hour Layover?

Last year we went to Barcelona for the TBEX travel bloggers conference and we had a ten hour layover in Dublin, Ireland. When I was searching for cheap flights (a full time job these days) I noticed that Aer Lingus had a flight to Barcelona by way of Dublin. What made... read more

Five Reasons Why Taking a Cruise is a Good Idea

Before my husband and I adopted our kids, we traveled the world with out a care. Planning involved booking our flight and hotel and winging it when we got to our destination. Once you have kids everything changes.  Planning a trip with kids goes from simple to... read more